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Prendin AL, Carrer M, Pedersen NB, Normand S, Hollesen J, Treier UA, Pividori M, Thygesen LG (2021) Chemical signature of Eurois occulta L. outbreaks in the xylem cell wall of Salix glauca L. in Greenland. Science of the total Environment 764 Xu JC, Sagnelli D, Faisal M, Perzon A, Taresco V, Mais M, Giosafatto CVL, Hebelstrup KH, Ulvskov P, Jorgensen B, Chen L, Howdle SM, Blennow A (2021) Amylose/cellulose nanofiber composites for all-natural, fully biodegradable and flexible bioplastics. Carbohydrate polymers 253 Liesche J, Vincent C, Han X, Zwieniecki M, Schulz A, Gao C, Bravard R, Marker S, Bohr T (2021) The Mechanism of Sugar Export from Long Conifer Needles. New Phytol
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